Welcome to Shop Local Southampton

2020-11-23, Chris

Shop Local Southampton has been on Facebook since 2016, ever since my favourite French bakery, Victor Hugo Boulangerie, closed in Old Town and I wanted to support other local businesses in avoiding the same fate.

It's not a selfless act, we all benefit from a vibrant and exciting local shopping, hospitality and cultural scene. The really cool thing is how many people agree - over 3000 people have joined the Facebook group, making Shop Local Southampton one of the more popular groups representing the city.

This website aims to build on that success, featuring a Radio player showcasing local radio stations, a map showcasing some of our favourite local venues and places, and of course this blog (in more normal times featuring the Shop Local Southampton event listings).

More than anything we want this to be an inclusive site. If you'd like to Contribute to, or give feedback on, the site, click the link in the menu.