A Love Letter to Bakeries

2021-10-13, Chris

Bakeries are awesome. They deserve our support.

Artisan bakeries understandably attract a premium but there are plenty of great traditional and international bakeries still offering tasty morsels at surprisingly low prices. Hoffers Bakery on Burgess Road are one such place. Still keeping up the tradition of mixing and baking their own bread daily, these delicious and fresh crusty rolls cost me just £1.

No description available.

Aside from being delicious and locally owned, there are other benefits too such as cutting down on food miles and packaging.

There are bakeries dotted all around the city but there aren't plentiful enough to take them for granted. Indeed, Shop Local Southampton was originally founded after my favourite French bakery (Victor Hugo Boulangerie) closed down in Old Town.

So, next time you need some baked goods why not head down to your local bakery? Here are some of my favourites, if you have any to add to the list please mention them in our Facebook group:

- Hoffers Bakery, Burgess Road
- G. Cotton Bakers, Bitterne Park Triangle
- The Oven Door, Woolston
- Dani & Deea Artisan Bakery & Patisserie, East Street
- Hoxton Bakehouse (Millbrook / available at Gods House Tower)
- Bakers Dozen, Netley

This isn't even to mention all the great local cafes baking their own goods, and the enterprising locals who own their own cake baking businesses.