Improving Pedestrian and Cycle Experience in Southampton

2021-01-22, Chris

Here's a development I'm very happy about. As a pedestrian I have not enjoyed navigating the junction of Devonshire Road with Cumberland Place, with several near misses! The whole pavement is very narrow and a bit of an afterthought. I hugely support the council's move to make the ring road take the majority of the city's inter-area traffic and to reduce cross-city traffic on side roads, and this should do a lot for both the pedestrian / cyclist experience on Cumberland Place, but also traffic levels in The Polygon. An extra benefit for cars will be the improved flow of traffic without having to manage incoming / outgoing cars to the Polygon. The difference is huge:

This is only the latest improvement to the pedestrian and cyclist experience in the city. From the new segregated cycle highway on the Avenue, to pedestrian priority walkways in St Denys, and to a new pocket park in Townhill Park, things do seem to be on the up for making our a city an easier and more pleasant place to spend time in.

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