Southampton Regional Train Map

2023-04-14, Chris

I couldn't find a decent tube-style train map for Southampton showing all the train lines (as each company favours their own stations), so I made one. Feel free to download it to your phone for reference.

Of course it should be added that this map is by necessity a simplification - not all trains stop at all stations, and some trains have additional stops at certain times of the day (e.g. St Denys has some main line stops especially in the morning and evening). It's a good starting point to map out a route, but you'll still need to check timetables - not least because our trains are not (yet) frequent enough for a turn-up-and-go model.

I love getting around by train, and though there are some obvious gaps in the network (I'm looking at you Shirley and Old Town), you can get to a surprising number of destinations both near and far using our train network. Why not take the train and go for a pub walk?