Try Çılbir for a Delicious Breakfast

2021-02-13, Chris

Firstly, apologies for the upcoming food photography. I made this morning's breakfast in a rush and hadn't planned on it being uploaded to the Internet, but it had occurred to me that not only was it delicious, but it was made up entirely of ingredients from local shops.

During the lockdown, Çılbir (Turkish-style eggs, pronounced "chulbur") has become a naughty breakfast pleasure of ours. It's basically eggs sitting on top a bed of warmed yoghurt, surrounded by a moat of chilli buttery sauce, served with a slice of toasted bread.

As it happens, the garlic was from International Foods, the Pul Biber and Cyprus Garden Olive Oil was from Winmar Supermarket in Shirley, and the garlic mushrooms, yoghurt, eggs, and the gorgeous 108 Bakery sourdough were all from Bitterne Box Company. Thus, I thought of sharing it to Shop Local Southampton as a recommendation to you all.

I highly recommend trying Çılbir if you haven't before. In more normal times you might also find it on the breakfast menu at the award winning Ottoman Kitchen in Old Town.

For now if you'd like to re-create it at home I recommend Nigella's easy to follow video recipe.